One of the more common gripes about a touch screen device is that on incoming calls, it doesn't take much to accidentally tapping the screen, inadvertently answering the call. If I had a dollar for every time I accidentally answered a call while taking my AT&T Fuze out of the case, I could probably afford an early retirement.

Have no fear, a solution to this headache is available. Fuze Mobility forum member herg62123 has created a tweak for the AT&T Fuze/Touch Pro that will add a slider to your answer screen.  Instead of tapping the "answer" or "ignore" buttons on the screen you simply move the newly created slider over which action you want to take. Once the call is answered, a screen appears over the mute, speaker, etc. buttons than can be pulled down with a swipe of a finger. If it prevented the screen from blanking out during the call it would just about be perfect.

The "Slide to Answer" application comes in two styles, one with the standard white background and the other with a black background and can be found here. Currently Herg62123 is ironing out the finishing touches on v5 of this application. The black background works fine in V5 but you need to use V4 for the time being for the white background. The slider to answer flows nicely but the pull down for the screen takes a little more effort. Regardless, if you're all thumbs and find yourself accidentally answering calls, this app is definitely worth a try.

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