If you remember a few weeks ago we dropped the line that Sling was updating their PocketPC client and that they were aiming for a Christmas launch.

Well, looks like they came through as they just announced that new version, which has been making the beta rounds in the last 2 weeks.

Enough small talk, here's what's new. Basically a slew of new device support (full list after the jump) and some new stuff like:

  • Provided you install SlingPlayer Mobile using the .EXE file, it will once again sync Slingbox information between SlingPlayer 2.0 and SlingPlayer Mobile.

  • SlingPlayer Mobile can now perform major/minor tuning, which is often seen for those tuning digital broadcast channels (5.2, 5.3, etc.).

  • The new SlingPlayer Mobile also includes a roaming notification feature, which will let you know if your phone switches to roaming mode while streaming.

  • Updated channel logos.

Not bad at all!

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New Support for:

  • Sprint Treo 800w (US)
  • Sony Ericsson X1 (US & UK)
  • Palm Treo Pro (US & UK)
  • Sprint HTC Touch Diamond (US)
  • Sprint HTC Touch Pro (US)
  • Verizon HTC Touch Pro (US)
  • Verizon Samsung Saga (US)
  • Verizon Samsung Omnia (US)
  • AT&T LG Incite (US & UK)
  • AT&T HTC Fuze (US & UK)
  • AT&T Samsung Epix (US & UK)
  • HP iPAQ 910 (US & UK)
  • AT&T Pantech Duo (US)
  • Sprint Samsung ACE (US)
  • Verizon XV6900 (US)