If you are on Windows 10 for PC or mobile, you'll want to go to the (newly updated) Store to grab some minor updates to Messaging + Skype and Outlook Mail and Calendar.

Neither update comes with a fresh changelog, and when we compared before and after versions, we saw no discernable UI changes or new features. For that, we'll turn it over to you in comments and we'll update if you find anything we can verify.

Otherwise, here are the build numbers to look for:

  • Messaging + Skype: build 11012 to build 15004
  • Outlook Mail and Calendar: build 6509 to build 6515

Some of these updates may be related to the new rs_1 Insider update that went out today to Insiders on PC, while others may be simple bug fixes.

Thanks, Lloyd M. and others, for the tips

Download Messaging + Skype for Windows 10

Download Outlook Mail and Calendar for Windows 10