File under: Missed opportunity for simple yet effective idea...

Now that you and all your friends and family have smartphones, it's important to offer them only the best when they visit. And by best we mean a place to not only keep their phone, but keep it visible and accessible.

Smartphone Coasters are exactly that--little stands for your phone. We could imagine placing them on the coffee table, media cabinet, shelves, toilet basin (for the guys) etc. where people can just plop down their phones and not loose them in the couch, or your pile of mail (if you're like me at all).

The best part? They're quite inexpensive at only $3.95 each. Lord knows the markup on some accessories these days, so it's nice to see a company keeping the price, you know, realistic. Plus they're quite "smartphone neutral", meaning you can just buy that one and should work with any device (but you're screwed if round smartphones get really huge in the next year, just FYI). All we know is our frienemy Phil could give them a lot of business with his six Android devices that he takes with him on overnight trips.  Seriously, dude's got issues.

[via AndroidCentral]