The Smartphone Round Robin just keeps rollin' on. Some shipping delays have pushed things back a bit (as will some traveling next week - beware, light posting schedule ahead), but the quality of the analysis is still tops. Over at, Kevin has just finished up with the Treo 680. More relevant to us, however, is that TreoCentral's Jennifer Chappell has begun her journey with the AT&T Tilt:

The way I look at Windows Mobile is that it's an operating system that lets small gadgets be mini computers. The phone devices run “Windows” and they're “mobile”. Of course they don't have the full capacity of an actual desktop PC running say Windows XP. Windows Mobile is an operating system that is based on Windows CE, which is optimized for devices that have minimal storage. Windows Mobile reminds me of a mini version of Windows on my desktop PC.

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This whole “miniature version of desktop Windows” is something I think I'll have to address when I finally come home to the Tilt. I can see where it comes from and I agree with the analysis to a certain extent. Yet I think that if Microsoft doesn't do something to nip that sort of impression in the bud, that impression is going to really start to nip back in a big way. More on that next week.

Meanwhile, go take a look at Jennifer's take and post in the relevant thread for a chance to win in the Round Robin Contest. Aw, heck, we'll make it easy on ya and merge this post's comments with the thread.