Last week, I took a deep dive into SmartThings home automation showing how it works with Windows Phone. Currently set as my default home automation, SmartThings is a very potent (and fun) system to control your humble abode wirelessly.

Today, version 1.04 of their Mobile app has gone live for Windows Phone. What do we like more than app updates? That would be app updates with detailed changelogs. Luckily, we have one of those.

SmartThings 1.04

"SmartThings version 1.0.4 includes several bug fixes, user interface improvements, and overall performance improvements for an improved user experience and increased stability. In addition, we have also added several new features to this release"

  • Group/upgrouping device tiles
  • Group activity log
  • Device activity log
  • Sorting of the dashboard
  • Alerts for Hub offline or hub not connected
  • Color picker for hue bulbs
  • Image carousel for cameras

Indeed, those are some welcomed changes, especially if like myself you have plenty of 'Things' attached to your SmartThings hub.

If you have not read or watched our SmartThings review, you should consider doing so. Home automation is the future and SmartThings at this time looks to be your best choice for an investment.

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