In the above video, Damian Mehers, Senior Software Engineer of Evernote, walks us through what we can look forward too in Evernote 2.0 for Windows Phone Mango. The update will bring the ability to pin notes, tags, map locations and searches to the home screen.

Background synchronisation is going to be active with any new notes created on other platforms being displayed as a counter on the app tile, should the user not run the app on the handset since. If your device is plugged in and is connected by WiFi, Evernote will download the content as well as headers. Mango search integration we've seen with IMDB etc. will now sport Evernote with notes being created easily in that moment.

Templates can be created and pinned to the home screen, in the above video Damian runs us through creating one for creating expense claims. Better social forwarding is present making use of native Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Windows Live so there's no need to re-enter account details.