Rowi Lite has been on the Windows Phone Twitter scene for awhile and it's a pretty solid, lite Twitter app.

Version 0.9.4 is slated for release sometime this week and it features quite a number of enhancements, including an auto-complete feature for contacts:

  • Bug fixes
  • Profile cleaned up (switched to pivot view, moved a few things around, made tweets, follwers, following on profile clickable)
  • Added translate menu item on tweet page (translates tweet to current locale of your phone using Bing)
  • Auto-Complete Usernames on New Tweet page

We took the release-candidate for a spin and left impressed as we haven't seen an auto-complete feature instantiated as well as this yet in any Twitter app (Twitt comes close). Overall, if you're looking for a clean, lite and fast Twitter app, Rowi fills those requirements admirably. Also, look for a paid ad-free version in a few weeks, featuring push notifications. Grab Rowi Lite here in the Marketplace and look for v0.9.4 later this week, assuming Marketplace clearance.