Yes folks, that time is upon us, the time for some "must have" Xbox LIVE games for our phones. This week's title is Bullet Asylum a so-called "bullet hell" game of which we have had very few (see OMG though for something similar or the indie Decimation X2)

The game will be priced at a very fair $2.99 and we've been putting it through its paces the last few days--so far, we like what we see. The game has exceptional neo-retro graphics, excellent sound and music and plenty of games to choose from.

Bullet Asylum

You have three main game choices available:

  • Arcade - Traditional "waves" of enemies of increasing difficulty with a boss every 5th wave
  • Survival - Maxed out weapons and defenses? Great, here's some maxed out enemies!
  • Architect - Start off with some credits and customize your towers and defenses for a unique twist

Bullet Asylum is a lot of fun and it's quite challenging. You can use just one shooter at a time or choose to use two for more precision. We like the options for controls and the sound effects are pretty top notch, so we're giving this classic-arcade type game a thumbs up. Look for it this Wednesday for $2.99 in the Marketplace.

Don't forget next week's game is Chicken's Can't fly (2/15, $2.99), followed by Splinter Cell: Conviction (2/22, $4.99) and finally Toy Solders: Boot Camp (2/29, $2.99).