MetroTube for many Windows Phone users is the be-all, end-all for your mobile YouTube experience. With a slick design and excellent performance there’s little wonder.

Here at BUILD we were able to catch up with the developers behind MetroTube (and the new Windows 8 Twitter app Tweetro) for quick look at the upcoming update that will bring some new Windows Phone 8 features, including doublewide tiles and a new preloading feature (basically downloading for offline viewing).

In addition, we got a preliminary look at MetroTube for Windows 8 RT, which we can confirm is now officially in the works for your Surface.

Finally, we got to play with the new Tweetro Twitter ( app for Windows 8, one of many Twitter apps that are now on the Windows 8 Store. We happen to like Tweetro a lot due to its ease of Tweeting and great design. But check out our video and you and take a look for yourself.

You can pick up MetroTube for Windows Phone here in the Store and Tweetro for Windows 8 here.  We’ll of course keep you posted on when the new update for MetroTube goes live in the Store.