It's no secret around here that as far as indie weather apps go, WeatherLive by Hyperise is one of our favorites due it's heavy use of Metro and its simplicity. Since returning after being briefly pulled, the app has done very well for itself as it's the top selling in its category.

So we're excited to give you a sneak peak of what v2.0 is bringing as we're pretty positive it's going a long way to add all of those features that you've demanded. The app is currently in beta and should be coming out soon-ish (we'll let you know). The price is expected to go up slightly to cover the costs of the new features, but if you buy the ad-free version now ($0.99) well you'll of course get the upgrade for free.

But on to the new features!

  • Info provided by Weather Underground
  • 6-day forecasts
  • Daily and hourly forecasts with Trends
  • Radar/Webcams/Satellites/Astronomy
  • Alerts with Toast notifications
  • Shows moon when it is night and the sky allows
  • Last but not least, current temperature along with condition on the tile

And you can of course see these new features in above (you can see the "moon" and current temp) and below screenshots. We're pretty excited to get our hands on this version as it looks to be our favorite Metro-themed weather app--heck, it should be a part of the OS as a default Live Tile, but that's just us. We'll keep you posted when the app goes live. For those who want to give it a go now, the app is completely free (with ads, endless "trial") or $0.99 ad-free. Get it here in the Marketplace.