Indigo headline image

We reported yesterday on Indigo, the new voice controlled personal assistant from Artificial Solutions and promised that we’d try and spend some time with the app here at MWC. Happily we have done just that and stopped by the Artificial Solutions booth a few hours ago to talk about their new service.

Indigo is just part of a larger system which Artificial Solutions are building, based around their own natural language engine and what they refer to as the ‘brain’, the Teneo Interaction Engine. It’s a smart looking service which we’re excited to see coming to Windows Phone, read on for more details on Teneo and a video hands on.

It was explained to us that Artificial Solutions are keen to promote the service underpinning Indigo (called Teneo) as a viable option for enterprise and commercial interests. In a nutshell, Indigo is connecting to a Teneo instance hosted in the cloud as a Java web app. That Teneo platform can be provided in its entirety for custom purposes, with a customised engine designed to react to natural language specific for their use case.

If all of that sounds a bit too technical to you then just think of it as tailoring the natural language engine for one purpose (say ordering food at a fast food establishment), with specific reactions for that business.

Back to Indigo itself, the app seems pretty solid, and we were shown a few capabilities such as searching for information, organising yourself and your data, updating your social media and more. If you’d like to know more about Indigo, or register your interest for when the app is released, you can go to for details. You’ll see some of the app in action as demonstrated in the video below, let us know your thoughts.