Sniper Boy is a rather interesting target game for your Windows Phone. You play the role of Sniper Boy and your mission it to take out enemy robots. To add to the challenge, you have limit ammo and the fewer shots taken the higher your score.

Sniper Boy has fifty levels of play scattered across five different settings. Once you complete all fifty levels, you unlock an additional twenty bonus levels.

Game play is simple. The robots are scattered around a series of obstacles that you can ricochet off of or shoot through. You can move your sniper up and down the screen and adjust your aim accordingly. A red laser will mark your rifle's trajectory. Once you have your shot lined up, tap the shoot button and see how well your sights have lined up. Just be careful to move out of the way if the ricochet brings the shot back in your direction.

As you progress through the levels, the shots become more challenging and the robots become moving targets. At some point, the robots also begin to shoot back which requires you to keep your sniper moving.

All in all, Sniper Boy is a very nice game for your Windows Phone. Game play is simple enough to pick up and the levels challenging enough to keep you interested. Trying to determine the ricochets and how to manage your limited ammo gives the game a puzzle feel to it.  Oh, and you also have Facebook integration where you can brag about your scores and achievements.

There is a free trial version available for Sniper Boy with the full version running $.99. You can find Sniper Boy here over at the Windows Phone Web Marketplace.