The Windows Phone app SnowGlobe3D is an interactive holiday snow globe for your Windows Phone. The scene has a rustic home with Christmas Tree out front that is just begging for a little snow fall.

When you launch SnowGlobe3D you will be walked through a tutorial on how to go about using the app. The hologram is best viewed from overhead in dim light. You shake the Windows Phone to make it snow, swipe left or right to add a little wind into the mix and tap the screen to turn on the tree lights.


In tilting the phone you can change your point of view of the house. SnowGlobe3D is a simple app that has a bit of a cool factor that shows off the graphics on our phone. The grid pattern in the background reminds me of the Holodeck on Star Trek (the Next Generation) and I can't help but think a more scenic backdrop could have been used to make the app a little more... well... scenic.

SnowGlobe3D is a free app for your Windows Phone and if you like what you see, check out Holophone3D for more 3D fun on your Windows Phone. You can find SnowGlobe3D here at the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Brian, for the tip!

QR: SnowGlobe3D