Not to beat a dead horse...well, actually that's exactly what we are doing, but looks like either Microsoft is becoming lax in enforcing mass-publishing of apps or we misunderstood what they meant.

Back in June, in reaction to negative complaints of a few devs "spamming" the marketplace, Microsoft posted new guidelines to cut down on these types of scenarios. Here we're referring to spamming as mass-publishing the same app but with a different location or institution, instead of having a single app with the ability to choose from within. This clutters the Marketplace, inflates numbers and just plain looks bad. And we're not even counting here the "fake" apps that don't do anything.

Part of those changes was a cap:

1. "To avoid the scenario where bulk publishing crowds out other apps in Marketplace in the future, effective immediately, we are limiting the number of apps any one developer can have certified in a single day to 20. Developers creating a large number of apps can still submit all of them for certification, but they will be certified at a maximum rate of 20 per day rather than all at once."

Evidently this does not mean publishing those apps though. We just noticed no less than 37 'MyTranso' apps being published and pushed at once to the Marketplace. That's more than 20, even if we're off by one or two. Sure, it's the weekend but we thought the change Microsoft implemented would cut down on such nonsense. Guess we were wrong, but perhaps we're just being too picky? Let us know in comments.

via: WP7AppList