Back in 2012, the gay social network SCRUFF released an app for Windows Phone, but it was very unstable and not particularly well done. The app was at least updated back in January, but the app could be much better.

Luckily, the SCRUFF team knows this as well and they have put up a job listing for a new Windows Phone dev.

The listing is being promoted within the app itself to bring awareness. Seeing as we're the top Windows Phone site in the world, with many developers in our audience, here's your chance if you're looking for a contract job. The job posting has the following goals listed as targets for the new app:

  • Retargeting our application from WP8 to WP8.1
  • Upgrading our database bindings to use the official SQLitePCL
  • Updating our use of networking libraries to conform to the latest asynchronous best practices
  • Replacing our use of LongListSelector and Panorama with ListView and Hub view.
  • Adapting and designing new Windows 8.1 UI components to ultimately build a Universal App that will enable our client to run on Windows desktop PCs

The rest of the job requirements are very specific, as they're looking for an experienced dev with published apps already and preferably Microsoft experience.

Sound interested? Follow the source link and get applying. We'll post when that app finally becomes available. And if you need the Store link for the current version, you can grab it here.

Source: SCRUFF Jobs; Thanks, Agoraki 4u, for the tip!

Edit: An earlier version of this story incorrectly claimed that the SCRUFF app was not native and a web-wrapper; that information has been corrected or removed.

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