XIM Inc. has added Aqua Lines their lineup over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. The free Windows Mobile game is similar to XIM's Lines Classic but has a fishy twist to it.

Where Lines Classic has you lining up colored balls, Aqua Lines has you lining up colored fish. You start out with a 9x9 squared board and three randomly placed fish. The goal is to move your fish around to line up five or more fishes of the same color (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). As you line them up they disappear earning you points.

Fish are added, three at a time, to the game board as you move your fish. If a move results in eliminating fish, you're spared new fish.  To help think your moves out, the next group of three fish are displayed at the top of the game board.

Game interaction is straight forward. Tap the ball you want to move and then tap the destination square. Moves can be made vertically or horizontally. The path must be clear and the game is over when no moves are available.

There are a few menu settings available for Aqua Lines that allows you to change the gaming level, aquarium theme, mute the sound, and clear the recorded scores.

In playing Aqua Lines, I found it to be a stable application with no bugs or glitches experienced. As with other free applications from XIM, an ad banner appears beneath the playing field. The banner helps make the game free and is not distracting.

Aqua Lines is an enjoyable puzzle game and it may be a tad more addictive than Lines Classic. It's basically the same game but the brighter aquarium themes gives the game a bit more flair. If you like puzzle games to pass the time with, Aqua Lines should be in your gaming lineup.