We ran across an interesting game for Windows Phone 7 over at the Marketplace. Plex is a 3D puzzle game where you try to match tiles to destroy blocks that are arranged on a multi-layered sphere.

When you drop a tile on top of a matching tile, the two are destroyed and points accumulated. Destroy all the tiles and you advance to the next level. The game has twenty-four levels and two game modes (Adventure and Survival) to keep things interesting.

Game play was a little challenging but you quickly get the hang of it.  You rotate the sphere around to highlight a place to set your game tile (which appears in the upper right corner).  Once the right spot is highlighted, then you tap the screen to drop the tile.  Tiles are eliminated by stacking tiles of the same color/symbol on top of one another.

The more I tinkered with Plex, the more addictive it became. The sound effects and graphic quality are above par and the application itself was very stable.

You can find Plex (link opens your Zune browser) over at the Marketplace for $1.99. There is a trial version available that will let you play just enough of the game to decide if it's worth purchasing.  Just don't be surprised if it doesn't take too long before you tap the "buy" button.

Ease on past the break for a video demo of Plex.