Miss Bubble Breaker from your old Windows Mobile Phone? Have no fear, Blue Rose Systems has just what you need. Popper 2 (link will open your Zune browser) is a bubble-breaker styled game that has three game modes to give it a unique feel and sets it apart from the traditional game we've grown accustomed to.

The game modes are:

  • Frantic Fifty: Pits you against the clock. See how high a score you can get in fifty seconds.
  • Levels: Meet the scoring goals of each level (within a limited number of moves) to progress through this game mode. Each level gets harder than the last.
  • Marathon: No time limit, no levels, just play until you run out of moves.

In addition to the game modes, you have five themes to choose from; Bubbles, Candy, Space, Sea and Floral. This will change not only your backdrop but also the appearance of your bubbles.

My first impression of Popper2 was "Oh no, not another bubble breaker game." but the more I played Popper2, the more it grew on me. The variety of gaming modes helps set Popper2 apart from similar games. Add the ability to change the games themes and it really sets itself apart.

All in all, I found Popper 2 to be a stable, entertaining and addictive game your Windows Phone. There is a trial version available and the full version will run you $1.29 over at the Marketplace.