Yelp! is a free application being offered over a the Marketplace for Windows Phone 7. Yelp! is a search engine that locates business that are close to your current location.

Searches are done from the various category tiles or you can narrow down things by using the search field. In using the search fields, you can also search different locations.

You can pull up detailed information about each business that includes contact information (phone number, web site, address) and reviews generated through Yelp's main website.

Locations can be displayed on a BING map as well as travel directions. The only thing missing is a "home" button to send you back to Yelp's main page. As is, the app is very dependent on the back arrow.

Yelp! (link opens your Zune browser) is a stable application for your Windows Phone that can come in handy when your traveling or simply looking for a new place to eat.

Check Yelp out in action after the break.



Correction: In the video it is noted that the search icon allows you to search within the results. It actually pulls up your search fields where you can conduct a new search based on topic and/or location.