Developer PixelMetal has announced that it will be bringing its first title, Sombrero, to the Xbox One and PC. The game is inspired by spaghetti westerns and offers multiplayer action across a variety of interesting levels.

Sombrero is designed for 2-4 players, either in local or online play, and a number of different game modes. You'll be able to choose from almost a dozen characters, along with special "guest" characters from other indie games.

The game will take you across several different locals and levels. These levels will feature deadly hazards like TNT, spike pits, and more as you make your way through the game. As you might expect, you can collect a variety of power-ups to enhance your character's abilities as you play.

PixelMetal says that the game will feature free DLC, including new characters, levels, and more. While a release date has not been announced, the developer did say that it was "coming soon."