Some New Xbox One Experience previewers hit with buggy update

Xbox Preview members using the New Xbox One Experience (NXOE) could be in a for a nasty shock if they download a system update issued earlier today. Several users are reporting that the 2GB update not only resets all of a console's settings, but also reverts the Xbox back to the original dashboard.

Reports of these issues first started cropping up on the r/XboxOne subreddit:

PSA- if you are in the Nxoe and receive a 2gb update prompt DO NOT DO IT. I accepted it and it has reset my Xbox. Luckily my games are on an external hard drive but all my settings have been reset and it's put me back on the old dash so be careful guys.

Microsoft has yet to comment on the update. For now, we would just advise that preview program members be careful when prompted to update your console.

Source: r/XboxOne (Reddit); Via: Microsoft News