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If you pre-ordered the upcoming Surface Book notebook from Microsoft's online storefront, you might also be dealing with some cancellation issues. Online reports, along with tips from Windows Central readers, suggest that Microsoft cancelled some pre-orders for the Surface Book, due to a "potential fraud alert" message from their credit card service that might have been sent out in error.

One of our readers, Scott Stanchfield, described his experience this morning:

"HI! I pre-ordered a Surface Book on announcement day via the Microsoft store. Today they tried to run my credit card, but AMEX declined with a "potential fraud alert". MS sent me a note asking me to update the payment info for the order. After fixing the issue with AMEX, I signed in, tried the AMEX again and it didn't work. It said I had 4 more attempts before the order was canceled. I added a Discover as a payment and tried submitting it. The MS store gave a server error. After one more attempt, the MS store displayed a page stating the order had been canceled. I called MS to try and fix it and they said the only thing I can do is re-order (and the Surface Book is backordered 7-8 weeks at this point.)"

Other reports describing similar issues es have also been posted on Reddit. We have contacted Microsoft to see if they have a comment on these reports and if they plan to offer those who had their Surface Book pre-orders cancelled a way to restore them and keep their shipment spot.

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Source: Reddit

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