SongArc is currently in beta for Windows Phone. It’s a really cool rhythm game coming to the platform that allows users to play along with their own songs. Are you in the beta and having trouble with creating music sheets to play along to? Here’s a video to help you.

SongArc really needs a strong community to be successful. The game allows users to play their own music in a Guitar Hero like world, but it needs you to create the sheets for each song to play. You can find sheets online through the SongArc network, but if you don’t see a sheet for a particular song you can always create your own. Here’s how to do it.

SongArc is something Windows Phone really needs. We don’t have a good music rhythm game in the Store and this app is unique to our platform. We’re big fans of the graphics, UI, and the actual gameplay. SongArc is coming to Windows Phone 7.x (not 256MB devices) and Windows Phone 8.

In the SongArc beta already? Watch the video above and get start making some awesome sheets! The beta is wrapping up (final approval with AppCampus) and the game should be out in the near future.

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