SongArc WP

SongArc is one of the most popular music games on Windows Phone. A couple of weeks ago we reported that the SongArc team was looking for beta testers for an upcoming update. Version 3.0 of the game is due out shortly and beta testers will be testing it very soon. We’ve got all the details on what you can look forward to in version 3.0 of SongArc.

First, some congratulations are in order for the SongArc team. Last month they passed the 1 million download mark. That’s an incredible accomplishment for any game. To celebrate the team is poised to launch version 3.0. Here’s what’s coming up in that update:

  • New difficultly levels
  • Leaderboards
  • A new way to share
  • Built-in Xbox Music song search
  • Transparent Live tiles

Select Difficulty

Version 3.0 of SongArc is shaping up to be a real treat. The game will feature some new difficulty levels. You can drop down to the Amateur or Newbie level if a given sheet is too hard. Master that sheet to become a SongArc Hero. Harder levels are less forgiving when you make mistakes, but they do allow you to get higher scores.


Leaderboards have been one of the most requested features since SongArc launched last year. It’s finally coming in version 3.0. There will be separate leaderboards for every sheet and every difficulty level. Now you can see how you compare to the rest of the world.

Xbox Music Integration

You’ll need music on your phone to play SongArc, but this upcoming version will allow you to download songs directly from Xbox Music. We’re also excited to have SongArc show as a transparent Live tile on Windows Phone 8.1.

Beta testers should see version 3.0 of SongArc within the next 24 hours. Regular folks will see it when it’s ready. We’ll of course let you know when it goes live in the Windows Phone Store.

Did anyone sign up to beta test? Are you excited to try out the new version? Sound off below!