The Xbox Play Anywhere lineup just nabbed itself another indie title, and it's interesting in a few different ways. Described as a mix of Zelda gameplay in something akin to the Star Wars universe, Songbringer is a new action RPG that's now available on both Xbox One and Windows 10.

The premise for the game is relatively simple. You play as the protagonist, Roq, who is very much a party guy. The adventure begins when Roq "unwittingly awakens an ancient evil" on a new planet. From there, the story takes off with a mix of procedurally generated worlds and dungeons to explore.

Judging by the gameplay seen in the trailer, the game combines an interesting pixelated aesthetic with some of what made the puzzle-filled dungeons of old Zelda titles fun. If that's your type of gameplay, then Songbringer could be a fun romp.

Songbringer can be picked up on the Windows Store now for $19.99. And since it's an Xbox Play Anywhere title, you only have to buy it once to get it on both Xbox One and Windows 10, and your saves should carry over between platforms.

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