Sonos ( is a pretty wild service. Not to be confused with Songza, which also works on Sonos (and is just as awesome), Sonos is a ‘Multi-Room Music System’ and it relies on HIFI-WIFI speakers placed throughout your abode. You can then stream music to all or just some of your speakers, using various sources like Songza, Pandora, Amazon Cloud Player, Beats Music etc.

There’s also a familiar story here: on Android and iOS, users get free software to control their Sonos Zones at home. Windows 8 and Windows Phone? Not so much.

That’s changing slightly today though, as the company is taking a survey of Sonos customers who also own a Windows Phone. The goal is to discern “What Sonos components you have, and what features are important to you”.

Consider it the first steps in starting down the path of making an app. While this also means we’re looking at a late 2014 launch date for a Sonos Windows Phone app, at least the company is finally directing some resources towards the third largest platform.

So why not lend them a hand? If you have Sonos and you use Windows Phone, take their survey.

If you already have Sonos and you need an app, check out Phonos as it’s a fully featured third-party app for Windows Phone.

Source: Ask SonosThanks, Thomas C., for the tip

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