Just to get this out of the way: No, the Xperia X1 still is not out yet in the U.S. Yes, we're still hoping to find out next week when it will be released. Now, to the news.

Blogger David Cushman over at Faster Future brings word that Sony Ericsson is getting ready to launch a developers' competition for the X1's panel interface. The competition is said to go live on Nov. 14.

The prize: A shiny new Xperia X1.

OK, it's not quite on the same scale as the Android Developer Challenge with its $275,000 and $100,000 winners, or as sexy as seeing your app in the iTunes App Store. But you will have the satisfaction of developing for one of the most anticipated phones of the year.

The panels are interesting, that's for sure. And we've already seen SPB Software develop for it. But do we really need yet another platform on which to develop on top of Windows Mobile? And in this case, it's a platform that (presumably) will only work on the X1. Let's just hope that the WM7 team is paying attention and, er, borrowing inspiration from all the hard work going on around it.

X1 developer competition coming soon (Thanks, David, for the heads up)