We mentioned in our podcast that the folks at the Sony booth at MWC wouldn't let people really get a full hands-on with the new XPERIA X1, and now we know why. The X1 is running Windows Mobile 6.1, as confirmed by adonis demon1.

We also have confirmation of the specs: 800x480 screen resolution (apologies for the mix up in our former post - stupid us for trusting Sony's own press release. 528MHz(!) processor, 128mb RAM, 256 ROM, 1500mAH battery. This thing is loaded for bear.

We only have 3 gripes (and another thought about Windows Mobile 6.1) - both after the break.

Them gripes:

  1. It's not here yet.
  2. It uses Sony's ridiculous Memory Stick format instead of some form of SD. (Seriously, Sony, you won the HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray format war, can't you just be happy with that and give up on this stupid memory format?)
  3. The keyboard, though we can't be sure until we've used it, has some weird button choices. The Enter key is huge, there's a big, wasteful Tab button, and it looks to us like it's going to be a royal pain hunting down all the different alt-punction bits we're going to want.

Back to the headline. Many expected that Microsoft would announce Windows Mobile 6.1 at MWC. Certainly the cat is out of the bag on this one (and has been for awhile). The only bright side to it is that the next big conference is going to be CTIA on April 1st in Las Vegas -- so we might have a chance to see it unveiled live there. One of the keynotes is from our boy Robbie Bach. As we said after the recent management shakeup, it's about time he let the XBox and Zune coast for awhile and pay attention to WinMo. A keynote seems like a good time to do that, eh?

1: Wait, isn't that Angel? No, he's just a vampire. Still, though, hot and slightly evil - close enough.