The music ID app SoundHound finally got an update to version 1.5. The app, which is similar to the Bing music ID built into Mango, simply identifies songs detected playing around you, helping you pick out music from TV, movies or at the DMV.

The latest update brings a feature we've been wanting badly: LiveLyrics.

This is the new "thang" with music ID apps lately as it not only detects the song but displays the lyrics in Karaoke format as the music is playing. Pretty cool stuff though it's only moderately impressive in real life. There's even a little "sync" icon in the bottom left corner in case your lyrics start running away from you.

The bad news? LiveLyrics is US and Canada only. Yeah, we're getting ready for your comments to this post. But there is geotagging for song IDs which is...odd, but we'll take it.

We could debate which is better: Shazam, Bing Music or SoundHound but all three tend to do a good job for figuring out music. Right now SoundHound has the upper hand with LiveLyrics.

Incidentally, Shazam has this too--on Android and iOS. There it's called LyricPlay but the company has shown little love for its Windows Phone client, not even having the price right for it's "Encore" app. Yeah, they're lame.

So here's to SoundHound for at least remembering we exist. Well, at least those of us in North America.

Pick up SoundHound here in the Marketplace. Thanks,Y.R Vishal, for the tip

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