Soviet Kam for Windows Phone 8

In a day that seems filled with Windows Phone updates, the photography app Soviet Kam joins the update list by getting bumped to version 2.0. Soviet Kam is a camera app that turns your Windows Phone 8 camera into a Soviet era camera. Soviet Kam has a variety of film, lenses and flash settings that gives your photos an antique feel. So what's new with the update?

The update speeds up the picture capturing and development, allows for re-development of photos and adds a shake the camera feature that will randomly select your effects settings.

Soviet Kam

While photo shooting and development has gotten a smidgen faster, it still takes a bit for the effects to load as you change or launch the app. The redevelopment feature allows you to change the film, lens and flash settings when you pull them up in the photo gallery. The re-development feature will only work with photos taken with version 2.0. Images captured under previous versions can't be altered.

The shake the camera" feature lets the app randomly select the effects when you... well... shake the camera. It's a nice feature when you just can't decide on an effects setting.

Soviet Kam is a nice addition to your Windows Phone photography app library. There is a free trial version to let you try Soviet Kam out. The full version of Soviet Kam is running $1.99 and you can find it all here at the Windows Phone Store.

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