2150 AD

Grab space shooter 2150 A.D. for free this week thanks to myAppFree. Looking for a fun and serious space game to pass the time? Then there's no excuse not to grab 2150 A.D. now that it is available for free in the Windows Phone Store.

Here's what you get with this constantly updated game for Windows Phone:

  • 20+ levels (constantly added)
  • 10+ different types of enemy ships. Each enemy ship features unique weapon system, visual design and AI behavior
  • 10 different weapons system to choose from (missile, bomb, electromagnetic bomb…)
  • Multiple types of missions. Missions have vastly different winning conditions and AI environment
  • Customize your vessel with 7 different upgradable vessel modules
  • Power-ups and more!

2150 AD

This game comes from developer Lumosoft and is available on Windows Phone 7x, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1. Rocking a device with 512 MB of RAM? You're good to go!

Have you already played the game? Let us know what you think of it! Remember if you enjoy the game, please leave a review for the developer. Positive reviews and ratings help with Store rankings and visibility for devs!


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