Space Weather

We joked around about the Windows Phone app Space Weather a few months ago. We pointed out how it's a gorgeous, well written app that we (personally) had no use for--but we really wish we did, because it's so cool. For those who don't know what Space Weather is:

"Space weather is the concept of changing environmental conditions in near-Earth space or the space from the Sun's atmosphere to the Earth's atmosphere. Space weather affects our planet, our technology, and all living things in many different ways. Solar flares, geomagnetic storms, and solar radiation are a few ways space weather can wreak havoc on the earth. It can also create beautiful auroras can that be seen near the poles and sometimes much further."

Neat stuff and the app has had a few updates since we wrote about it back in August. Evidently, the app went on a temporary sale from $1.99 to free for Christmas and we just go word that sale is ending soon--like today/in a few hours. So we recommend you go get it now and add it to your Marketplace for safe keeping--once you lock in the free price, it's yours forever, so what's to lose?

In exchange for the developers giving it to you for free, they ask the simple: help spread the word! Leave them feedback/ratings in the Marketplace, Tweet and share it on Facebook, etc. Seems like a fair deal if you like the app, no?

Pick up Space Weather here in the Marketplace--but only for today! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Space Weather