Windows 10 is shaping up to be a big OS shift for many reasons, including the addition of a new web browser codenamed Spartan. Spartan is still very experimental and as such, it is not included in the current Preview for Windows 10. However, bits of the rendering engine can be engaged in the older Internet Explorer 11.

AnandTech forced the new Edge document mode in IE11 through a simple trick using about:flags. They then compared the new rendering engine to legacy IE11, Chrome 40, and Firefox 35. The results are very impressive so far, demonstrating that even in these early stages, what powers Spartan could be quite powerful.

AnandTech IE11 scores

AnandTech says the following about the changes so far:

"The performance increase of the new Javascript engine is massive, and brings Internet Explorer basically up to par with Google Chome for Javascript performance… IE was well optimized for Sunspider already, so there is not much of a change there. Google Octane 2.0 however has always been terrible in IE, and now it comes in roughly the same as Chrome, for a massive 81.8% increase over the old rendering engine. Kraken continues this with a 45% jump in performance. It is a big change, and a welcome one too."

There are still many months before we see Spartan under ideal conditions and a more finalized form, but so far, Microsoft appears to be nailing a lot of the performance issues. Even better, since Spartan is a Universal app, it gets updates through the Store instead of OS refreshes. This change means Microsoft can dynamically update and tweak the browser at a much faster clip than in the past.

Head to AnandTech to read the full write-up including more technical details about Spartan!