SPB Software has released the beta version of Mobile Shell 3.5.1. The updated version of Mobile Shell 3.5 is designed to fix known bugs and, according to SPB, not designed to add additional "stand alone" features.

Some of the key fixes and changes in the Beta release include:

  • SPB Pocket Plus close button makes Shell unresponsive
  • Set Ringtone doesn't work for Contacts
  • 6.5: Theme shows incorrectly for Carousel and Tiles views
  • Agenda: One day is shown twice, 25 Oct date is the transition to "winter" time
  • 3D SMS viewer: First word disappears after enter
  • Twitter issues fixes
  • 3D SMS viewer: Picture is absent
  • 3D viewer: Date isn't shown for SMS and Email
  • Birthday widget doesn't update itself when contact info is changed
  • Task widget makes task sychronization with Outlook longer

SPB did tweak the weather widget to where you can now choose between displaying the forecast or current conditions in the weather widget. You still have orientation issues with some layout designs where the widgets get jumbled up when going from vertical to horizontal. I have not experienced the power drain some have reported in the forums concerning version 3.5 with the 3.5.1 Beta.

SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.1 Beta can be downloaded from the SPB Club website.