If you've been around Windows Mobile for, say, longer than a day, chances are you've run across SPB Software. SPB (that stands for St. Petersburg - or Leningrad, if you're from the Old Country) is long known for quality Windows Mobile apps, including the uber popular Mobile Shell, which is a must-have for many using WinMo Professional.

And that explains why Microsoft turned to SPB when it came time to develop a proper official Netfix app. If you've been thinking for the past week that the app looked familiar, you were right.

The Mobile Manager for Netflix was developed in cooperation between Microsoft, Netflix, and Spb Software. The application interface is built on the Spb Mobile Shell UI engine (also used in such popular applications as Spb Wallet, Spb Online, Spb Weather, Spb Traveler), and allows optimizing the efficiency of the user interface and speed of service navigation. With this fast and finger-friendly UI, the Mobile Manager application streamlines the Netflix mobile user experience, allowing subscribers to preview movie trailers on the go, add selected items to the DVD queue, or the Instant Queue - to instantly watch movies on TV screens using Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Interesting, indeed. If you haven't checked out the official Netflix app yet, we recommed you do so here.