Nokia Music

Nokia’s Windows RT 8.1 tablet, dubbed the Lumia 2520, is getting a lot of positive feedback here at Nokia World from attendees. The high resolution, super bright display is easily one of the best we’ve come across and the handful of Nokia exclusive apps, including StoryTeller and HERE Maps make it a compelling purchase.

One of those unique apps is Nokia Music. While Windows 8.x users can already download Nokia Music, there’s a special edition for the Lumia 2520. We got a hands on tour of the app, as can be seen in the above video, and it’s safe to say that Nokia Music looks like a natural fit on the 10.1-inch tablet.

Bonus? We hear version 1.5 of Nokia Music, optimized for Windows 8.1, will be out in “a few weeks”. That update will allow you to resize the app to any size you like (as opposed to the old “snapped” restrictions in 8.0).