Although Verizon and Samsung were not able to release the Odyssey on the network for December as had been expected, we’re quite confident we’ll finally see the device in the coming weeks, including a sneak peek at CES next week.

The specifications for the device have now come to our attention via an internal data sheet for Verizon. While some were really hoping that the Odyssey will be Verizon’s version of the ATIV S that unfortunately was never our understanding and the specs reflect that notion. The device instead will be positioned as entry-level, reportedly going for free on contract when it finally hit shelves.

Samsung ATIV Odyssey

  • Dimensions – 4.82H x 2.51W x 0.43D
  • 4.0” WVGA Super AMOLED
  • 5MP Rear (1080P video)
  • 1.2MP Front (720P video)
  • 1GB RAM, 8GB internal, microSD expansion
  • 2100mAh replaceable battery; no wireless charging
  • MSM8960 Dual core 1.5 GHz

All in all, the Samsung ATIV Odyssey won’t blow the doors off of the market but then again, it’s not meant to. Rather it’s for those looking for a no-frills but solid Windows Phone experience.

We’re confident that Verizon and Samsung will show this device off next week in Las Vegas during CES 2013 and we’ll be sure to get hands on and more info at that time. Thanks, First Last, for the info!

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