Spectra 8bit Racing is an interesting concept. Not only because the game has just launched on Windows 8 (with both Windows Phone and Xbox support coming), but because it packs in awesome music, retro gameplay and graphics with procedural generation. If you're a fan of Song Arc, we highly recommend you read on and check out Spectra.

We last looked at Spectra back at Microsoft's recent Ventures event in London where Gateway Interactive CEO Louis Deane walked the audience through backend technologies and tools developed by the new studio, as well as the game itself. Since this is a startup, we can't help but admire work done thus far.

Spectra 8bit Racing

Players are tasked with racing through a procedrually generated track, depending on which song is currently playing in the background. What makes Spectra for Windows even more fun is the difficulty and built-in controller support. Simply plug in/connect your favourite game pad and get cracking with a more fluid experience – that's not to say the on-screen controls aren't usable.

It's a simple, but highly addictive game. Spectra is available for $5.99 with a free trial for you to try it out. Windows Phone and Xboox One versions are well on the way. Let us know how you get on in the comments.

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