If you've been following the Forum discussion, it's no secret that an update has been in the works for the popular Windows Phone game SpellIt. Well, the wait is over and the update was released this morning.  Just launch your Marketplace app and click on Updates.

Improvements include players scores and last move fields are more readable and as well as the customary performance tweaks.  The update also brings a few new features to the table that include:

  • Players can now shake their Windows Phone to shuffle their game tiles. This is a great way to give players a refreshed look at potential words that can be created.
  • There is now a score preview window to let you know how many points you will score. It will appear next to the Play Button and if you're spelling a word that is invalid, the score will remain zero.
  • There is also a visual cue for pending tiles that highlights the tiles you are placing. As the game progresses, the board can get a little busy and highlighting these tiles helps as you build words.

The new features only add to a very entertaining game. If you haven't tried SpellIt, you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace. It's a free game and very addictive.