Spellspire is an interesting title that's already available on both iOS and Android, but now the word blasting game is launching on Windows 10 Mobile. The developer, 10tons, has released a number of titles for the Windows platform already, and this latest hit tasks players with spelling words to fire attacks. The longer the word, the more deadly your spell.


It's a mix of your usual word spelling game, as well as some elements from action and role playing genres. Gold is dropped by monsters you slay, which in turn will enable you to purchase hats, robes and other magical items that will increase your spelling damge output. The goal? To reach the top of Spellspire.

Fear not those of you on Windows 10 as the developer also plans to release Spellspire for PC too. Oh, and 512MB device support is in the works.

QR: Spellspire