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No official Snapchat app on Windows Phone? No problem. Rudy Huyn’s Snapchat client for Windows Phone, 6snap, has picked up another update. Like most of his updates, it either introduces a new features in the official Snapchat apps or adds a feature they wish they had. Here’s an update that brings a feature you can show off to your iOS and Android toting friends.

The last big update for 6snap we covered took place a little over a week ago. That was version 2.5 and it introduced new features like the ability to zoom when taking pictures, improved story support, and indicators to see when snaps are pending or have been replayed. Today we’re looking at version 2.7 in the Windows Phone Store. Here’s what’s new:

  • Change brush size!
  • Keep in memory your groups even after a log off/sign in (local)

6snap version 2.7 update

Friend groups is a new feature that was added in version 2.6 of 6Snap. In the menu section of your friends list you can pull up the option to manage groups. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Group all your old high school friends together from the weird snaps you all send each other. Group together your family members for the more kosher snaps. And finally put your babes together for those late night pictures. It’s a pretty cool feature.

This update for 6snap allows you to save your groups locally on your handset even if you sign in and sign out. The other part of the update is the introduction of brush sizes. You can now change the size from tiny all the way up to large. It’s a nice way to make your doodles stand out.

Want to get 6snap for Windows Phone? Of course you do. Head to the Windows Phone Store to grab it. It’s free, but you can remove ads with an in-app purchase. 

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