Spider Jack

A couple of weeks ago, Windows Phone Central published a dual review of Cut the Rope and Spider Jack. Both games stem from Russian developers, star cute and hungry little critters, and feature gameplay that involves the cutting of ropes (or spider webs). Cut the Rope may be better known (all of my Windows Phone friends bought it), but I actually found Spider Jack a bit more enjoyable. Despite its quality however, Spider Jack suffered one major disadvantage compared to Cut the Rope: its $2.99 price.

Last week, Spider Jack developer MaxNick’s second Xbox Windows Phone title Turn N Run launched at the 99 cent price point (after briefly appearing at $2.99 due to a mistake). That prompted us to wonder whether Spider Jack might soon drop to the same price. Well, that’s exactly what happened today! You can now grab Spider Jack for just a buck.

Spider Jack is a simple puzzle game starring a lovable green arachnid named Jack. He’s got a hankering for juicy flies, which you’ll need to help him get. To do this, you attach the spider’s thread to a knob. He’ll then swing around, collecting anything he touches. You’ll also need to cut the rope, err, thread in order to drop Jack onto items.

The game features 125 levels that take place across a variety of locations, from a playroom to the Oval office itself. Each environment has one or two special features/obstacles to make the puzzles interesting, such as electric gates, teleportation portals, and wads of bubble gum. The short levels and simple controls are perfect for mobile play. Plus the Achievements are pretty easy – perhaps a bit more so than Cut the Rope’s.

Spider Jack works great on both Windows Phone 7 and 8. Climb over here on the Windows Phone Store to get it.

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