One of the things that I like about always having a live internet connection on me is that a wealth of live information is always at my fingertips. Along that vein…one of the things that I am constantly seeking updates on (much to my wife’s dismay) are sports scores and news. Until recently, none of my favorite sports sites have been very good at handling mobile web browsers.

CNN’s Sports Illustrated appears to have noticed my plight. Available only on select Windows Mobile devices, mySI mobile allows you to view scores, schedules, and standings for your 4 favorite teams. The product page also states that the data is updated when the application is launched. The coolest feature is the ability to add games to your Outlook calendar.

I was going to do a quick review, but although my Blackjack is listed at the top of the Supported Phones, I get an “Unsupported Device” page when I attempt the install.

Update: I emailed the mySI support team and was sent here. Looks like the manual downloads for each of the supported devices. It would appear that my issue was that I am using WM6, whereas they list the Blackjack I as a WM5 device...

Let us know in the comments if you get it to work, as well as what your thoughts are. After the break - More screenshots!