Well, just as soon as we write that article up detailing the long, sordid and stupefying history of Sprint and their lack of desire to implement MMS (aka "Picture Mail") on their Windows Mobile devices, word is Sprint is "working on it" and with Microsoft no less (woo that was a long sentence).

Once again the news comes via Sprint's Buzz site and a recent online chat on the topic of CTIA (see our coverage here). When asked by Sprint customer "Steve" about their lack of support for Picture Mail, acting Chief Marketing Officer John Garcia responded with:

We're working with Microsoft to build a PictureMail application that will work on their Windows product to give you a similar experience as our other products. As some of you may be aware, currently, you can actually do this on a Windows product, but you have to do it through e-mail or Bluetooth. We realize this is cumbersome. We're working to enhance this for you soon.

Holla! As we said in the article, Sprint was currently re-evaluating their position and while it didn't look promising, things can change rapidly. Looks like that happened, what with the combined outcry of thousands of WM nerds :-)

Now the waiting begins. Maybe we should supplant our Treo 800w contest with a "When will MMS on Sprint actually happens?". Any takers? Anyone wanna bet on the 800w having it when released? (we're opting on "no", but would love to be surprised!

Small Update: Vyruz Reaper correctly notes in our forum that indeed the Treo 800w delay may be partially related to this recent turn-of-events.

Reportedly from his sources, Sprint recently had Palm "add some new software" to the device which caused some hiccups. Hmmmm...

Thanks to Doc31 for the tip and "Steve" for asking the right question!