Before we get to the doom and gloom, let's remember that Sprint has a few good things going for it:

  • Great data plans on 3G
  • um...

Ok, ok, they do have the Mogul and the Sprint Touch is coming soon (a little bird bubbatex in our forums tells us November 1st), so they're doing alright on the device front. On the network front, though, they're all over the map. Nextel's iDEN, Standard CDMA, and working to create WiMAX (which they're calling "XOHM", but that's another discussion). I seem to recall they even tried resurrecting Trenchcoat Guy recently and that didn't help, which stinks because he was way cooler than CanYouHearMeNow? Guy.

The real issue is that their stock price is consistent - consistently down. So Gary Forsee has to go, replaced by CFO Paul Saleh. Hopefully Saleh can get things moving, because - get this - I think that #3 Sprint might be looking at upstart Alltel's recent move into easier-to-do-than-WiMAX WiFi plans with more than a little jealousy (buyout rumors aside).

In between the two is T-Mobile, of whom we should not speak until they get 3G (that's getting delayed, too, by the way, their spectrum isn't going to be freed up on time). At the top of the heap, of course, are Verizon and AT&T, shaking their giant, evil corporate heads and thinking "kids today."

Forsee, who has also served as chairman and president, has come under fire as telecommunications giant Sprint's subscriber growth and share price have disappointed investors.

Read: MarketWatch; thanks to Overthrow for the tip