Looks like Sprint is well on it's way towards following our four step plan to success. Part 4 of that plan:

Don't ever forget: people love you because you have 3G in a lot of places and it's usually cheaper than the competition. Don't raise your prices on data.

Phone News is reporting that they've heard Sprint is planning on dropping their rate for their Phone-as-Modem tethering plan from $40 a month down to $15 per month. There's a caveat, though, it only applies on current plans, not older plans. Phone News speculates (and we agree), that it's a gambit to get more of their customers onto their current plans -- part of Sprint's campaign to “improve the quality of the customer base.”

Lots of folks tether their WinMo phones contrary to Sprint's Terms of Service -- you're supposed to have a PAM plan in order to do it. Would you 'legalize' your tethering now that the PAM plan is going to be much more reasonable?