We know this sucka is testing at Sprint right now and we've seen some earlier roadmaps that said Q3, so this just confirms what we've already expected.

Basically it looks like Sprint is getting ready to launch the heralded HTC Touch Diamond (aka HTC MP 6950; the Sprint Touch is the 6900) on Tuesday, September 2nd. So start saving your cash now. Check out Dieter's great walk-through vid of what to expect.

This puts it at around the same time as Telus (who evidently are a lot more open about their Diamond love than Sprint or Verizon).

The specs are expected to be similar to what Telus/HTC announced, though who know what Sprint will do:

  • 101mm x 51mm x 14mm
  • EVDO Rev A
  • WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0
  • Qualcomm MSM 7510A Processor running at 528MHz
  • 256 ROM, 256 RAM, 4 Gigs internal (no expansion)
  • Opera 9.5 for the browser
  • Camera is still 3.2mp, screen is still 640x480
  • The battery gets a big bump: it's 1340 mAh

Oho yeah and there's the 1st "glamor shot" of the Treo 800w, which is launching this week...you know, in case you haven't heard.

Via GTX at Sprintusers (original photo)