Sprint has named a new CEO, Daniel R. Hesse, who's been around the wireless block a few times. He was CEO of AT&T Wireless back when it was, er, still AT&T Wireless (best not to revisit the merger madness in too much detail) from 1997-2000. He's also on Nokia's board of directors (Imagine Nokia putting serious effort into making a CDMA smartphone for the US market. Now imagine a square circle. About the same, eh?). Most recently, though, he ran Sprint's local phone division, spun off as “Embarq” to placate the the monopoly police after the Nextel merger. ...In other words, the world of wireless executives is small and Hesse is probably as good a choice as any.

Of course, he has his work cut out for him, and how. Sprint still looks to be on a collision course to switch to WiMax and be pretty much the only player planning on a 4G network that isn't based on GSM. That's assuming they even last long enough to get there. See, according to Skydeck, nearly 40% of their customers plan on leaving Sprint at then end of their contracts. They also have the lowest customer satisfaction and the lowest percentage of customers who want to stay with them.

Yeah, it's ugly: