I used to be a Sprint customer and a relatively happy one -- if only because their data plans are on the order of $25/month cheaper than what I'm paying now. But I needs me my GSM and SIM swapping. Apparently I'm lucky to have left, as the tech blogging world is all aflutter recently over Sprint and their evils. Check out the related stories:

It all adds up to a gigantic headache for Sprint and power-users on Sprint's network who suddenly feel much less secure about it than they once did. I'd like to say I could whole-heartedly recommend another carrier for those wishing to get away from such malfeasance, but I just plain can't. T-Mobile usually gets credit as the least-evil of the bunch because of their decent customer service. But T-Mobile... where the heck is your 3G? I digress.

Is anybody happy with their carrier or their carrier options these days?